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WINBACK® My body is back

Winback® Tecartherapy 

a physiological bio-accelerator

Winback Tecartherapy is a physiological bio-accelerator which reinforces the physiotherapist’s actions, combining their manual techniques with Winback energy. You will notice immediate results, from the first rehabilitation session (gains in range, pain relief, revascularisation).


REHABILITATION                                                                   CICATRISATION                                                                  PAIN RELIEF          

2X                                                                                           97%                                                                                   81%       

FASTER HEALING                                                         PAIN RELIEF EFFECTIVENESS                                           IMMEDIATE & LASTING


Thanks to its stimulating and draining action, tecartherapy provides real benefits as far as beauty and thinness are concerned. By acting at the heart of the skin’s ecosystem, the Winback energy has a unique anti-age effect that speeds up collagen synthesis.


The Bioback regenerating action is a real rejuvenating experience for the skin: it tones down wrinkles to give  patients a plumped skin with a natural radiance, as if it was brand new. As for the Thermoback stimulating action, it activates metabolism and optimises the release of fatty deposits and toxins to offer them an ideal shape. Winback Beauty brings back nature and science together to create a one-of-a-kind beauty experience!