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Clone of The Belle Époque in Vichy The largest thermal spa in the world.

In the 19th century, two emblematic buildings, the Thermal Spa and the Casino (built during the Second Empire), symbolize the thermal spa culture of Vichy in France, uniting health and pleasure.
Thanks to favorable economic circumstances and a period of political stability, the growth in the number of visitors to Vichy was uninterrupted, from 26,000 visitors in 1872 to 108,000 in 1913. Vichy became therefore the "Queen of the Thermal Cities."
If drinking mineral waters is a classic part of the spa experience, thermal techniques have evolved: the ancient practice of taking thermal baths has gradually given way to more active shower treatments. The range of treatments has grown (thermal gas showers and baths, inhalation, sprays, gargling, steam baths, etc.). Combining massage and thermal techniques, the renowned "Vichy shower" was perfected in 1896.
With the opening of the "world's largest thermal spa" in 1903, Vichy adopted medical techniques to increase the effectiveness of its thermal treatments, giving rise to electrotherapy and mechanotherapy. This push for innovation led to the discovery of a central truth: physical exercise contributes to the effectiveness of the spa treatment. Henceforth, physical activity, including gymnastics, fencing, tennis, and golf, has become a key component of the thermal spa experience.
During this prosperous cultural period when France shed its bright light of civilization all over the world, Vichynot only benefited, but it also played an active role. A client base from all walks of life and from all social classes was attracted to Vichy by its rich artistic and musical offerings.
Vichy Guide for foreigners – Season 1937
Clone of Art - Vichy Guide 1937

The King of Egypt S.M. Farouk and jeweler L. Arpels (among the guests of Vichy). Establishment of the children sport park made more popular the Thermal resort, that used to offer sport activities for adults only.

Vichy Guide for foreigners – Season 1938
Clone of Art - Vichy Guide 1938

Albert Carré, the director of the agency Havas and Sir John Wallis, the private councilor to the Court of England (among the guests of Vichy). Mary Marquet (in performance). The city is surrounded by parks with the Thermal Center, Casino and the sport club on the first place.

Vichy Guide for foreigners – Season 1939
Clone of Art - Vichy Guide 1939

Mr. Truefitt, the director of Daily Mail and S.E. El Mokri, the Great Vizier of Morocco (among the guests of Vichy). After golf, tennis and the sport club, the city opens its doors for swimmers and builds the first public swimming pool in Vichy.