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Leicester Diabetes Center - UK

Committed to growing international research,
education and innovation


Founded in 2012, the Leicester Diabetes Centre is a national and international centre of excellence in Type 2 diabetes, responsible for world-leading clinical research, evidence-based education and cutting-edge innovation. Based at Leicester General Hospital, Leicestershire, they are now Europe’s largest diabetes facility. A state-of-the-art hub spanning 4,000 square metres, the Centre includes research clinic space, a fully equipped specialist physical activity laboratory and wet lab. Complete with seminar rooms and modern conference facilities, it provides healthcare professional and patient teaching and education.The integrated multidisciplinary team works across primary and secondary care and experts include diabetologists, clinicians, academics, statisticians, trial and project managers and research nurses.


Diabetes education became formally recognised in 2003 as part of a Government mandate called the National Service Framework for Diabetes, published alongside NICE guidance. NICE recommends access to diabetes structured education programmes should be offered to all patients who are deemed at high risk of diabetes, when they are diagnosed and thereafter as appropriate. The Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND) Programme was the first education programme developed by the Leicester Diabetes Centre in response to the Diabetes National Service Framework. The DESMOND Programme offers training and quality assurance for healthcare professionals and lay educators to deliver any of the DESMOND modules and toolkits to people in their local communities.

Overall more than 350,000 people have graduated from the gold standard Type 2 structured education Programme and they have trained about 1,300 DESMOND Educators. The modules have been adapted so they can be delivered to black and minority ethnic communities using interpreters and specialist visual tools. It is now commissioned by more than 90 trusts across the UK and has been exported across the world to places including Ireland, Gibraltar, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.


DESMOND’s Training and Quality Development Programme for Educators was recognised in the prestigious the Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards, winning the Skills Development category in 2007. Through involving educators, trainers and patients in the development process, DESMOND has created training, mentorship and continued professional development that is integrated with delivering the patient education programme.


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Phone +44 (0)116 2584322
Adress Leicester Diabetes Centre
Leicester General Hospital
Leicester, Leicestershire
LE5 4PW, England, UK