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Clone of Spa-A

Vichy Thermal Spa, in France


The federation of professionals in the field of well-being services

The Spa has become a true social phenomenon and there are lots of places today that claim to offer a real spa experience. If most of them are reputable, there are some which call themselves spas without however having all the necessary attributes.

It has become necessary to create an institutional framework for Spa facilities. This realization is why Spa-A, a 1901 law non-profit association representing experts in all the industry's professions, came into being in 2001. The objective of Spa-A is to create harmony between the rules pertaining to each of these professions in a redefined environment and to identify the value of the skills each requires both in France and internationally. Two years of planning and intense work led in 2010 to a very precise quality charter and label. The result is quality assurance for ever more demanding consumers who want to get the most out of their treatment, and the label is also an innovative tool for facilities to allow them to continuously evaluate and improve their services.

VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel, pleased to have been selected in 2011

In 2011, VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel was selected and awarded for its excellence. Label Spa-A ensures customers of five essential values:

  • client support
  • service and performance of treatments
  • materials and facilities
  • products
  • environmental preservation