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Clone of The Racing Society of Vichy Auvergne

The Racing Society of Vichy Auvergne - horses racings, grand prize

The Vichy Auvergne Horse Racing Society is a major economic player for the city and for the Auvergne region.

Presenting the role of the Vichy Auvergne Horse Racing Society

The Horse Racing Society of Vichy Auvergne and the horse racing track do not limit their role to the organization of races. Their mission is to be a genuine association and popular sport for a devoted fan base, which explains the tremendous growth of the Society over the last five years.

The Vichy Meeting

The Vichy Meeting takes place from mid-May to the end of September, and it reaches its height during the month of July. There are no less than 40 meetings scheduled at the race track. During meetings, events and popular festivals are held to attract viewers, including: Ladies Night, Hunters Night, Carriage Night, and the Night of the Grand Prix which is enlivened by a splendid fireworks show.
The Vichy Horse Racing Society thereby demonstrates its involvement in contributing to the cultural life of the Vichy area and promotes activities with support from the local government authorities.

Horse Racing Society
+33 (0)4 70 30 15 50
Race Track Telephone Number+33 (0)4 70 32 47 00
Race Track
Horse Racing Society
11, rue Alquié - 03204 Vichy Cedex - France
Race Track Address2, route de Charmeil - 03700 Bellerive-Sur-Allier - France