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Clone of Cosmétonique

Blog cosmétonique : Comment prendre soin de soi en un minimum de temps ?

For years now, there has been a flood of products and services on the market to make the lives of busy women easier.

Beauty, vitality, well-being… there's no way you can let yourself go, and business women no longer need only a few minutes per day if they want to be sure to leaving nothing to chance. Since it's faster to find everything in a single glance, cosmetonic is the trend that combines and promotes these different initiatives.

+ A cosmetonic act will allow for one (or more) of the following points:

- perform several actions at once
- take care of yourself while you are doing something else
- make another act more fruitful, in order to optimize your use of time

+ The mission of the cosmetonic trend is not a commercial one. However, it includes a network of brand partners that come together via the blog

+ Cosmé provides, on a daily basis:

- a goldmine of beauty + vitality express tips
- a guide to good plans and exclusive price reductions for cosmetonic brands
- an opportunity to exchange experiences and participate in discussions on current trends

In short, it is a collaborative blog promoted by the team of D-Lab, the brand of dietary supplements devoted to active women. Content is provided by a crew of curious bloggers who explore the field, and by acrobats and minstrels who bring together zeal and verve to make you smile and to help simplify your life. Courbette.

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