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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
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private sales
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Lifestyle discovery From 3 days & 3 nights. Opt for a shorter discovery programme with personalised and adapted objectives according to your lifestyle.

lifestyle discovery programmes

personalised and adapted programmes according to your lifestyle

Personalised slimming programme

The purpose of this weight loss programme is to help you fight extra pounds and gain a more tonic silhouette by making the body firm, and balanced. 

At the beginning of your stay, you will be invited to a lifestyle consultation in order to understand the causes of your weight issue. 

As part of your weight loss programme, you will be offered a daily Trilogy of “Signature” hydrotherapy treatments. These treatments are inspired by medical techniques developed in the famous water town of Vichy (France) and they are meant to provide deep relaxation. This trilogy is composed of following care treatments : a Hydro massage bath + a Phyto-mineral Mud wrap + a Vichy shower with 2 hand massage.

Your slimming cure in Salwa will also be the opportunity for you to discover high-tech treatments aimed at toning your body. In this context, you will be offered one Expert care treatment every day.

Since adopting an adapted physical activity seems to be a key element to sustainable weight loss, you will be invited to an individual Coaching session. Your coach will help you set realistic goals as far as exercising is concerned, in order for you to improve your habits after your slimming cure

Regarding your meal plan, you will be able to taste various healthy gourmet dishes at our Dietetic restaurant, the Vichy Slim.

Detox and anti-stress programme

It can be difficult to find a satisfying balance between work and personal life, which leads to more and more burnouts. In order to avoid that, our detox programme offers you to relax in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the soothing effects of hydrotherapy combined with wellness care treatments and adapted sport sessions.

At the beginning of your detox cure, you shall have a lifestyle consultation as well as a personalised session with a dietitian. Then, you will be offered a daily Trilogy of “Signature” hydrotherapy treatments. This ritual, inherited from Vichy thermal medicine is composed of a deeply soothing Hydro massage bath with essential oils and mineral salts from France, then a relaxing Phyto-mineral Mud Wrap and finally a Vichy shower with 2 hand massage.

On a daily basis, you will be invited to discover one of our Expert care treatments focusing on stress management.

During your detox & anti-stress programme, you will be offered a session with a personal trainer, and a vast choice of sport options.

Diabetes programme

We based our type 2 diabetes cure on the renowned Vichy programme, which has shown great success in France. It is a self-management and educational programme designed to support people living with type 2 diabetes.

Our programme begins by a lifestyle consultation with a specialist. He will determine with you the current stage of your disease and discuss your particular symptoms. Potential side effects of the illness will also be mentioned (e.g.:  heart diseases, vascular disorders, eyes conditions, etc.).

During the type 2 diabetes cure, you will have the opportunity to meet a dietitian as well. During these consultations, a specific dietetic meal plan will be decided upon.

Stress plays a major role on weight gain. Cortisol (the “stress hormone”) seems to have a direct influence, causing the body to store fat. Therefore, we do our best to organise relaxing stays, so that you can completely let go, make the best out of your care treatments and improve your diabetic diet’s efficiency. In order for you to relax, we offer you a daily Trilogy of “Signature” hydrotherapy treatments, featuring a Hydro massage bath, a Phyto-mineral Mud wrap and a Vichy  shower with 2 hand massage.

During your stay you will also discover one of our state of the art devices.
As far as your meal plan is concerned, you will enjoy delicious and healthy meals according to your diabetic diet: less sugar, less fat, but a lot of flavour !

Detail of your stay

accommodation & meal

Accommodation Base: Deluxe room 45 sqm.

Room categories: Double or Single Deluxe room, Executive Suite (65 m²), 1-Bedroom Villa (122 m²), 2-Bedroom Villa (288 m²) or 3-Bedroom Villa (418m²).

For a complete immersion in the “Vichy Method” concept, think of organizing your meal plan at the Vichy Slim restaurant (contact us for more information about our culinary offer).

All cures & programme are also available without accommodation and without meal plan.

Options and services

  • Bathrobes, flip-flops and towels will be provided on site
  • Enjoy the Hammam experience with two atmospheres: hot and warm
  • Benefit from all facilities provided in the indoor pool – optional sessions of aquasport available  
  • Refresh your mind, swimming along the lazy river flowing slowly throughout the resort in the middle of a green oasis featuring a 4000 sqm lake with waterfalls
  • Vichy Laboratoires and SkinCeuticals care cosmetics are available at the Boutique; it will be a pleasure for the Boutique Team to give you tailor-made advices in order to bring back home your own beauty ritual
  • To go further in the Vichy Celestins experience, have a look at our treatments menu
  • Our Spa Care Team is at your entire service to make your stay as smooth as possible; do not hesitate to solicit them at any time

treatments programme

Choose this shorter discovery programme and set up your own goals according to your lifestyle. Understand the benefits of the recognised Vichy Method based on 5 essential principles.

Three main approaches :

Offer for 3 days: choose your programme

  • Detox & anti-stress programme : 1 lifestyle consultation, 1 dietetic consultation, a daily Trilogy of « Signature » hydrotherapy treatments, 1 daily High tech treatment, 1 daily relaxing massage,  1 individual coaching session 
  • Diabetes programme : 1 lifestyle consultation, 2 dietetic consultations, a daily Trilogy of « Signature » hydrotherapy treatments, 3 High tech treatments, 1 Special diabetic foot care, 1 lymphatic drainage massage, 3 individual coaching sessions 
  • Personalised slimming programme :  1 lifestyle consultation, 2 dietetic consultations, a daily Trilogy of « Signature » hydrotherapy treatments, 1 daily slimming massage, 3 High tech treatments and 3 individual coaching sessions
  • Free access to hydrotherapy pool and fitness


Free access to the whole relaxation area and fitness center when booking this treatment. 

  • A multifunctional indoor pool
    • water beds
    • auto massage and holding bars
    • serpentines feet massage
    • geysermulti-jet leg massages
    • water blades
    • against stream swimming corridor 
  • aqua biking units
  • Hammams to eliminate toxins
  • Ice fountain zone to stimulate blood circulation
  • Cardio-training area to awaken his body
  • Boutique with Vichy products and cosmetics 
2 475 QAR

Detox & anti-stress programme: 2 475 QAR per person for 3 days programme*
Diabetes programme : 2 775 QAR per person for 3 days programme*
Personalised slimming programme : 3 825 QAR per person for 3 days programme*

*Accommodation and meal plan available upon request

If you need more informations about this programme of 3 days, you can directly go on our contact form.
Our prices include sales tax and exclude tourist tax and extra treatments and services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make a booking.