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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
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New technology treatments



  • Bodysculptor® / Redustim®
    45 min I 350 QAR
    Slimming device with a unique potocol, which allows to:
    - reshape the body and to firm the skin
    - slimming of the silhouette by reducing the fat mass through the stimulation of biological mechanisms of the lipolysis.
  • Inbody Analyser® 
    15 min I 350 QAR
    Besides the weight, this machine can measure your fat, muscle and water level in less than a minute. Through the results the team can adapt your personnal program and monitor the changes. 
  • Targeted Cryotherapy®
    15 min I 350 QAR
    Cryotherapy which literally means "cold therapy", is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Reduces pain, swelling, treats topic dermatitis,...
  • Compex Pro Theta® electric stimulation
    Session I 250 QAR
    Muscle stimulator. It has been prepared for all indications that a frequent electrotherapy user could come across.
  • Winback®
    Session I 350 QAR
    Enhancing your body’s natural physiological metabolism. Winback® Tecar Therapy accelerates healing and relieves muscles and joints. This technology is fully non-invasive
    and stimulates your blood and lymph circulation.
  • Hubermotion®
    Session I 350 QAR
    The Huber Motion Lab is the latest in technology to help evaluate and strengthen muscles around the spine. This kind of treatment can strengthen deep as well as superficial muscles, mobilize joints, 
    improve body composition (lose weight), correct posture, sharpen coordination and balance.
  • Quartz Therapy / Psammotherapy
    60 min I 550 QAR
    This powerful treatment is specifically performed on one-of-a-kind Quartz Table. Warm sand stamps combined with warm aromatherapy oil and a customized massage activates the different reflex zones of the skin,
    timulates the blood circulation, and removes toxins and waste products. This method of massage melts away tension and regulates your energy flux.

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