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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
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Set up your goals For a better life day-to-day, discover our coaching programmes!

Discover an exclusive cure dedicated to improve your quality of life with diabetes

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A health programme dedicated to successful and sustainable weight loss!

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We will help you restore your balance and recover a restorative sleep

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It is equally true that today's environment contributes to severely affect our habits and at the end our health capital. We have created three long stay programs in order to thwart some “illness of the century” as it is called.

  • Diabetes cure*
  • Personalised slimming cure
  • Detox & anti-stress cure

You will find hereinabove further information concerning the challenges for which we would like to share with you our expertise, know-how and of course our support. Our commitment is being at your side to give you all the Vichy Method keys we have in our possession to help you to go through these health disorders affecting you day-to-day life. In order to create a bespoke membership plan, we will fixed together your personalized objectives at the beginning of your programme.

*Our program does not replace your regular follow up with your doctor, but adds the necessary support to live better and manage diabetes in your daily routine.