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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
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Personalised slimming programme A health programme dedicated to successful and sustainable weight loss!


The purpose of this weight loss programme is to help you fight extra pounds and gain a more tonic silhouette by making the body firm, and balanced. 

At the beginning of your stay, you will be invited to a lifestyle consultation in order to understand the causes of your weight issue. You shall also meet a dietician twice who will perform a bio-electric impedance analysis : this measures the composition (in terms of proportion of water, muscle vs fat mass and bone density) of your body and the results are analysed using a special computer programme. These indicators will allow our multidisciplinary team to determine which specific care treatments suit you the best. During these consultations, personalised and healthy dietetic menus will also be designed for you.

Your slimming cure in Salwa will also be the opportunity for you to discover high-tech treatments aimed at toning your body.

Since adopting an adapted physical activity seems to be a key element to sustainable weight loss, you will be invited to an individual Coaching session. Your coach will help you set realistic goals as far as exercising is concerned, in order for you to improve your habits after your slimming cure. Your coach will assist you when you exercise as well.

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