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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
private sales
private sales
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Lifestyle Memberships Invest in your health

global approach

360° vision 

In our Vichy Célestins Spa, health is being studied as a whole. Our coachs and trainers are trained to give you the tools to quickly increase your health potential through lifestyle consultation, nutrition advises and solutions, daily exercises program and specialised hydro and high-tech treatments. 

Join our membership programs and benefit from the experts counselling and difine together the goals you wich to reach. 

Our membership programs provide the following supports for you: 

  • Manage your training
  • Monitor your progress 
  • Maintain your enthusiasm 
  • Motivate through fun 
  • Maximise your results 
  • Minimise your time 

Please check the different types of Memberships and define wich one suits you the best.