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HUBER MOTION LAB® A real human movements laboratory.


A complete solution for REHABiLITATION


With more than 400 3D exercises, Huber Motion Lab protocols aims to reeducate the whole body.

  • Muscles tension?
  • Cramps?
  • Stiffness?
  • Poor balance?
  • Static disorder?
  • Muscle weakness?
  • Pain?

These problems are the result of day do day movements and poor postures. Deep muscles that support the spine are often ignored, weakening the spine and causing injuries due to muscles debility. These damages affect the entire body.

Huber Motion Lab technology solicits around 180 muscles. Indeed, this device can strengthen deep as well as superficial muscles, mobilize joints, improve body composition (lose weight), correct posture, sharpen coordination and balance. This is done by the patient standing on a gently oscillating platform, while holding on handlebars attached to a movable column with strength sensors integrated into the handles. Session after session all of the body muscle chains are toned and restored to health

There are two approaches: a preventive action - for seniors or in order to compensate for sedentary lifestyle, as well as a rehabilitation action - for sportsmen for example or to recover after an injury.

The technology is playful thanks to its screen and 3D exercises. It offers immediate feedbacks and evaluates your performances. Your coach will organize your personalized programmes in order to best suit your needs.