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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
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“In Salwa, become an actor of your health”


Vichy Célestins Health Center, which considers the overall person, is always improving its approach to natural therapies. We provide programmes which are enhance by the 4P’s concept:

Preventive, Predictive, Personalized and Participatory

It all starts in Vichy - France. Few centuries ago. Vichy, the « Queen of Spa Towns » is known throughout the world as a precursor in the development of thermal spa medicine. Since 1853, the Compagnie de Vichy, owner of the Vichy Célestins Spa Hôtel, manages the thermal spa heritage in the town.

Created on the basis of a pioneering concept of global health, the Vichy Célestins proposes innovative and personalized care treatments in the following main areas: 

“Health-Nutrition – Well-being – Beauty”.

Our main objective is helping you to optimize your health, beauty and fitness capital. How? The answer lies in the 5 Keys of our “Vichy Method” (Refer to the section VICHY METHOD).  

Our approach focuses on hydrotherapy treatments. SPA: Sanita Per Aqua – health thanks to water.

Thus, the Vichy Célestins Care Team brings to your resort its historical know-how in terms of hydrotherapy treatments. Here are some benefits you could enjoy:

  • improving skin and muscle tone
  • reducing toxins by improving elimination system
  • boosting immune system
  • loosening tenses and reducing stress

Thereby, don’ leave without trying the historical Trilogy of “Signature” treatments and the Vichy Shower massages!

Choosing Vichy Célestins Health Center is also a unique opportunity to offer to your body the latest technologies in terms of beauty and health care. State of the art devices are at your health disposal, such as: Iyashi Dôme®, a Japanese sauna to purify the organism and sweat out toxins, Winback® - a high-frequency current solution enhances your rehabilitation outcomes, BodySculptor® – slimming and wellness therapy, Huber Motion Lab® - strengthen muscles around the spine and improves physical capacity in record time, Satisform® – a real studio for back pain prevention.

Beside this range of cares by water and cutting- edge devices, our medical approach also proposes Expert care treatments in order to recover from a disease, important body changes or deep pains. Our specialists will help you to reach a healthier lifestyle and get new habits to live longer and better. Thanks to our rehabilitation programmes and helped by your coach, recover your body functionalities.

In order to bring you the best, you will also enjoy the softness and the promises of our cosmetics range by Vichy Laboratoires, well-known for their efficiency in anti-aging skin cares all around the world and SkinCeuticals, the number 1 reference for antioxidant skin care line.

Now it’s time to go further…Welcome to your bespoke and ultimate well-being parenthesis…