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Detox and anti-stress programme We will help you restore your balance and recover a restorative sleep

Anti-stress and detox programme

At the beginning of your stress and burnout cure, you shall have a medical consultation as well as a personalised session with a dietitian.  The physician will perform an anamnesis of your stress issue and figure out the main causes of your problem. Potential stress-related physical and psychological symptoms will be discussed as well. During your meeting with the dietitian, you will be advised on how to improve your nutritional habits. Since stress often causes overweight or digestive pain, you will also be provided with advice on how to lose extra pounds while restoring your inner acid-basic balance.

As part of the stress management programme, you will be offered a daily Trilogy of “Signature” hydrotherapy treatments. This ritual, inherited from Vichy thermal medicine is composed of a deeply soothing Hydromassage bath with essential oils and mineral salts from France, then a relaxing Phyto-mineral Mud Wrap and finally a Vichy shower with 2 hand massage.

Since resuming regular physical activity is paramount when fighting stress, you will be offered as part of your stress management programme a session with a personal trainer. Like a coach, the practitioner will assess your needs in terms of sports, set up a customised exercising routine for you, but also keep you motivated and analyse your progression.

During your stay dedicated to stress management, a lot of possibilities are offered to you as far as sport is concerned. You will have a free access to the Fitness facilities.