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Clone of Thermal Properties Secrets of health, beauty, and well-being

From Antiquity till today, due to its various virtues, mineral water has evolved into a widely-consumed beverage. Let's enjoy its virtues, but let's distinguish which mineral waters are appropriate for drinking.

The characteristics and beneficial properties of the thermal waters of Vichy

The Thermal Springs of Vichy belong to the family of carbo-gaseous sodium bicarbonate mineral waters, and they are rich in trace elements.

Five Springs are used for drinking water treatments in the Thermal Resort. With this therapeutic arsenal, a thermal doctor can select a program depending on the disorder to be treated and personalize the treatment according to the reaction of the patient.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-rheumatism: the mineral waters of the Lys and Dômes Springs, when mixed with a kaolin of the Vichy region and after soaking, produce high quality thermal mud that has long been prescribed by the medical community of Vichy. This mud lets patients enjoy effective treatments for arthritis, lumbago, and the most common rheumatism disorders.

Digestive treatments: rich in bicarbonate of soda, they help to fight the effects of an overly-acidic diet. They are low in salt (sodium chloride), which means they can neither induce nor aggravate arterial hypertension.

As they flow: the waters of the Chomel and the Hôpital Springs contain a high percentage of organic silicon that improves bloodstream micro-circulation, and therefore reduces fatty cells (cellulite).

Hydration for mineral benefits. A recent study shows that cutaneous hydration can increase by 7% thanks to the consumption of Vichy Célestins!

Reduced cardiovascular risk among post-menopausal women: "Water high in bicarbonate reduces cardiovascular risk for menopausal women." A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Volume 94, Number 4, October 2005, pp. 582-587.

Regulate mood disorders: rich in lithium, the thermal water of Vichy regulates mood disorders, including anxiety, nerves, irritability, hyper-emotionalism, and sleep disorders.

Shiny hair, strong nails, bones and teeth, all thanks to the silica contained in the thermal waters of Vichy

Your key to good health!

Various thermal waters are also used in therapeutic health treatments like the thermal mud envelop (Vichy Mud Envelop) which is composed of Kaolin taken from the Vichy region, with thermal water from the Dômes and Lys Springs added in.

These thermal waters have an anti-inflammatory power, and the heat of the mud achieves vasodilation for the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements. Many other à la carte treatments are available for your total relaxation and intense well-being, including the famous "Douche de Vichy (L’Originale)" modeling, done with two or four hands, hydro-massage baths, pulsing water-jets, thermal water pools, etc.