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"In Doha become an actor of your health."
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Clone of Jean Guirard de Nadon

Chief Operating Officer of the Compagnie de Vichy

Jean Guirard de Nadon is married and the father of two children. Since 2005, he is the Chief Operating Officer of the Compagnie de Vichy, which includes 5 hotels, two thermal spas and the VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel, the largest Health Spa in Europe, with 300 employees.

With his diploma from the Centre International de Glion (Switzerland) in hand, Jean Guirard de Nadon first cut his professional teeth in France in the economy hotel industry. Having always been attracted by travel and meeting people, he has crisscrossed seas and oceans for 15 years, moving from Polynesia to Mauritius and through the Caribbean, to manage a number of hotel properties.

Passionate about the world of health and well-being, he had the opportunity in 2005 to put his expertise to work in a new direction, the Thermal Spa, and he decided to come home to France and settle in Vichy.